Strike NX Gamepad not working

  • Hey,

    (Antwort gerne auch in deutsch)

    I have a slight issue, I just got my new Raspberry Pi. I have two micro SD cards, one with raspbian on it and one with retropie. Now in RetroPie the Strike NX controller gets detected automatically and works flawless. Its connected via USB and everything is working fine. However on the Raspbian system the controller gets detected in the USB port (and Hub) but it does nothing ( it gets detected as a Microsoft controller). I want to utilize it as a mouse so I can minimize the stuff I need to pack when I travel and don"t want to take an extra mouse with me.

    So first of all, what do I have to tweak to get the controller to work on Raspbian and second how can I set it up as a mouse ? :/

    Thanks so much in advance.