Raspberry Pi USB Virus Scanner

  • Hi guys,

    i want to make a Pi Station that checks if a USB has any Viruses in it or if it is safe to use.

    The program should start immediatly once the PI is plugged , and once checked , it should give out a Smiley on a Pi Flatscreen if its safe or give out a warning if it is not.

    I've looked about an hour now for Projects online but i simply cant find what i want.

    Notes of what i found: A Pi with Clamav ( read an article about it not being safe)

    Have you seen any Projects close to it?

    If not is it hard to pull off? My general idea of this would be to to write a Python Script that uses the Anti Virus to check the USB if input and give a signal when finished. Then i would have to simply auto boot the pi and change the Settings so it starts with that Script ( like for example Instant Video Replays). Am i missing something or is that pretty much what i have to do?

    Thanks for your Input in Advance and sorry if my Text contained spelling/grammatical errors since English is not my first Language ( feel free to correct me if it itches).

  • I've no experiences with it but I guess udev (see man udev) is the way to go (recognize plugged-in USB stick). To use a Python script to check for viruses on the stick should be no problem.

  • Yes , so far i am some hours in it now. Ive come to realize its with udev and am currently working to figure it out ( i think i got it soon).

    Well anyways ill be sure to upload the project once i finished it.