Aktuelle Debian und Arch Linux ARM Images zum Download bereit

  • Es gibt ein neues Debian sowie Arch Linux ARM build.

    The Debian image contains the following updates to the prior 13-04-2012 release:

    • Dom’s overscan adjustments
    • Dom’s ALSA driver
    • re-enable 1600×1200 output (regression in 13-04-2012 release)
    • boot file tidyup – and remove test cmdline file
    • vcgencmd provides a version number
    • fixes for EDID parsing
    • drive DMT modes in DVI modes by default, even if HDMI is reported as supported
    • some initial packages that might make setting up Wi-Fi possible
    • includes the non-free software source (nothing from it though) – useful for Wi-Fi firmware
    • the latest snapshot of the Qt5 code
    • a small package that will allow Raspberry Pi to be used as for Qt5 development out of the box
    • Raspberry Pi wallpaper on white background
    • LXDE theme for user “pi” is now “mist” (performance improvement)
    • a new Python IDE “spe” and related tools

      • winpdb – python debugger
      • wxglade – python dialogue designer

    • python-pygame
    • the “scratch” educational programming tool and required squeak-vm
    • lxtask – runs a task manager when CTRL-ALT-DEL pressed in LXDE
    • release identification in /etc/issue-rpi and /boot/issue.txt
    • ssh disabled by default – boot commands taken from /boot/boot.rc if present – candidate to enable ssh included
    • timezone set to Europe/London
    • tidied hidden files
    • package cache is clean

    Mehr Infos gibt es hier:
    Quelle: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/1097

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