What are all of Raspberry Pi 4 Problems?

  • As far as I know that is the only known hardware problem so far. Should already be fixed for newer versions. Other problems or features are software related. Depending on the use case you might think about cooling the RPi 4. Btw. the 1 GB version was replaced by the 2GB version.

  • Hi, you have ended up in a mainly German language forum.

    If you want to start with a Pi 4, go ahead. I am running the 4GB-version, no issues so far. Just make sure your power source is up to it, many USB-Power sets are not (for example those from smartphones mostly do not work when the Pi is running real tasks, or other USB stuff is connected to the Pis ports).

    The 1GB is not a good pick - you get 2GB for roughly the same price.

    The 8GB is relatively new, not much experience with it. A lot of software can not make use of the extra RAM, yet.