RPI 4 Ubuntu 20.04 set i2c frequency

  • Hi,

    I am trying to build a robot with a raspberry pi. The standard i2c speed of 100kHz is to slow for me, thus I'd like to set it to the fast mode of 400kHz (or even faster?). As I am using ubuntu 20.04 to be able to easily install ros2 foxy, I can't simply set the speed in the /boot/config file. I am confused which chip (2708/2835/2711) actually is running on the rpi4 and which kernelmodul is used for the i2c interfacing. When I started up the rpi and got a simple python program with smbus2 working, only the following modules are loaded:

    so it seems like the right chip is bcm2835? but isn't the rpi4's chip bcm2711? Also there is no i2c module loaded, but i2c is still working... I am confused.

    Thanks for any help:danke_ATDE: