Where can I find an off-the-shelf camera for my sports analytics and broadcasting applications?

  • I was not able to find an off-the-shelf camera. My project is with NVIDIA Jetson processor and synchronized multiple cameras that can adapt to outdoor lighting conditions and tracking the players.

  • Get customized vision solutions for your sports analytics and broadcasting application!


    e-con Systems™ offers the perfect combination of Image Sensor, Lens Assembly and Host Processor that are best suited for sports analytics and broadcasting applications. With the ready-to-develop kits that host NVIDIA Jetson processors, multiple cameras with adjustable lenses from e-con Systems™ online stores, you can start your algorithm development and evaluation, right away.

    e-con Systems™ camera team has immense experience in outdoor environments, capturing of live movements and choosing the right field of view lenses that can help arrive at the right choice of camera for your application.

    To know more about our cameras for sports analytics and broadcasting applications, visit: www.e-consystems.com/markets/education-sports-entertainment-cameras/sports-broadcasting.asp